Fit and active in the Montiggler Forest

The largest local recreation area in South Tyrol

The Montiggl nature reserve with the two Montiggler Lakes, its vineyards, orchards and the large Montiggler Forest ranks among the most important recreation areas in South Tyrol. This is because of its unspoilt nature and also on account of the many opportunities for sports available: bathing and swimming, walking, Nordic walking, cycling, mountain biking and tennis.

Naherholungszone Montiggler WaldSportlich aktiv im Montiggler Wald

Active in the Montiggler Forest

See-Holzsteg durch das Biotop

A new wooden causeway has been built over the reed bed for walkers and mountain bikers from which you can freely observe the animal world of the biotope.

The 3.7 km long keep fit trail in the Montiggler Forest has 21 different features and is ideal for fitness and exercise activities.

The Montiggler Lakes and Forest are also ideal for horse-riding excursions.