Born again!

Close your eyes and drift away…

Reinvigorating, relaxing massiges stimulate the perception of the needs of your body. Your skin and your body are worthy of the attention: afterwards you will feel like a new person. Let the skilled hands of our masseuse Julia ensure your well-being. Select from our various massage applications, such as Classical, Alpine or Caribbean, with fruit essences, oils or herbs.

Please make your massage appointments when booking if possible.

Klangschalenmassage    New: The sound massage

ca. 50 min – € 52,00

                                                                                                                                                                                              Bioenergetischen MassageNew: Bio energy massage by Hartmut Fraas

ca. 50 Min – € 65,00

or spoil this combination: ca. 110 Min – € 115,00


ca. 75 min – € 75,00

Breuß -  Spinal column massage

ca. 50 min – € 65,00

Tibetan Massage “The art of touch”

ca. 25 min – € 35,00


ca. 25 min – € 38,00

 Herb stamp massage

ca. 50 min – € 70,00


ca. 95 min – € 105,00

Aroma massage

ca. 25 min – € 38,00
ca. 50 min – € 65,00


ca. 55 min – € 65,00


Classic full-body massage

ca. 50 min – € 51,00

Partial body massage

ca. 25 min – € 35,00

Foot zone stimulating massage

ca. 30 min – € 38,00

Lymphatic drainaige by Dr. Vodder

ca. 50 min – € 58,00

Vital-Activ massage

ca. 50 min – € 65,00


ca.75 min – € 95,00

Vitalstone Vitalis Dr. Joseph Natürliche Behandlungen

Natürliche Essenzen für Massageanwendungen KräuteressenzenMassageanwendungen mit natürlichen Produkten

Massage applications with South Tyrolean herbal essences

Relaxation masage with essences of calendula and camomile

Ideal for stressed skin Calendula and camomile activate cell regeneration and have a soothing effect. The massage is highly suitable in cases of stressed and irritable skin.
ca.50 min – € 65,00

Well-being massage with essences of apple and rose hip

Ideal for mature skin Pamper your skin with the apple and rose hip massage that will give your skin elasticity and new freshness. Apples are rich in vitamins, minerals, pectin and wax – an ideal fruit for the regeneration and care of mature skin. It complements the precious rose hip in encouraging cell regeneration and decreasing moisture loss.
ca.50 min – € 65,00

WeintraubenmassageA massage to pamper you with grape seed oil and sea buckthorn

Un cocktail di vitamine per la vostra pelle Feel as if you have slipped into a new skin and experience the anti-oxidative effect of the grape seed and sea buckthorn oils. They provide a pure vitamins cocktail for your skin.
ca.50 min – € 65,00

We would point out that the indicated time for the individual treatments covers preparation, actual treatment and any break! Cancellation is possible free of charge up to 24 hours in advance, otherwise 100% of the cost will