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My place of power at the Monticolo Lake

Here, I am the wood’s guest

I close my eyes for a moment and imagine the following: the spicy fragrance of the forest, the beautiful colours of the different seasons, the slight rustle of the cane, the tingle on the skin… simply being one with nature. That is possible at the Green Spa, a 100-hectare big, protected area with both Monticolo Lakes and a species-rich mixed forest. One, or let’s say, MY natural wellness area at Seehotel Sparer, which is waiting for me directly at the front door.

Every time I spend my holiday in Monticolo, I notice that the forest gives me inner peace, relieves stress, and makes me more self-conscious – and that within no time. At the same time, seeing the lake makes my soul lighter and I feel free. When I combine everything with a walk, a hike, a jog, or an easy bike ride, I’m on cloud 7! In a nutshell: The activities at the Green Spa are varied like the landscape around Lake Monticolo itself.


The only hotel at the lake

In 2022, the Monticolo Lake was once again awarded with the “5 blue sails” (5 vele blu) by the Italian environmental organisation Legambiente.


This makes Lake Monticolo one of the cleanest lakes in Italy, and we are lucky enough to be the only hotel directly at the lake!


The “forest island” Monticolo


wonderfully wonderful

„When you are in the forest all alone, it’s hard to understand why we go to the cinema or work in offices. And all of a sudden, you don’t want that anymore.“

Nature Oasis

My holiday home close to nature

Here, I feel a little closer to nature

Nature as far as the eyes can see: at the Seehotel Sparer at Lake Monticolo, this isn’t only a phrase, but it’s actually true! Because it is located in the small town of Monticolo, an idyllic village with two emerald green lakes, surrounded by romantic mixed forests, vineyards, and orchards. The ideal starting place for outdoor activities! Here, you can explore the surroundings on foot or by bike, explore different attractions around Eppan, and admire some cultural highlights.

My very personal highlights when I am here:

  • The magical castle at the western shore of the lake
  • The spring valley, which can be found in the forest between the big Monticolo Lake and Lake Caldaro
  • The Wilde Mann Bühel, a mysterious place on a hill in the Überetsch above the small Monticolo Lake
  • The South Tyrolean Wine Museum in the town center of Kaltern, which tells the story of wine in South Tyrol
  • Castle Hocheppan and the chapel, which can be visited during the tour of the three castles
  • The viewpoint of Mt. Penegal, which can be reached with the steepest and longest funicular in Europe
  • Lake Caldaro, which is situated in the South of Caldaro at the South Tyrolean Wine Street in the middle of vineyards.


Thanks to the central position in the heart of South Tyrol, there are other places I can mention, which are worth a visit (and can be reached in no time, also by public transport):

  • Bolzano, the provincial capital of South Tyrol, which is located only 15 kilometres from the hotel
  • The high plateau of Ritten with its earth pyramids and the local mountain, the Rittner Horn
  • The Geoparc Bletterbach (called the “Grand Canyon” of South Tyrol) and the UNESCO World Heritage of the Dolomites
  • The thermal city of Merano and the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, the summer residence of Empress Sissi
  • The observatory and the planet itinerary in the small town of Gummer near Steinegg


Märchenhaft und abwechslungsreich


den smaragdgrünen See vor Augen …

Tipps vom Förster

Einfache Regeln im Wald

Verlassen Sie niemals die markierten Steige, egal ob zu Fuß oder mit dem Fahrrad! Nur so kann die Natur ihre Ruhe finden.
Pilze sammeln ist im Montiggler Wald verboten! Wer trotzdem pflückt, riskiert ein saftiges Bußgeld.
Halten Sie bei Spaziergängen Ihren Hund unbedingt an der Leine! Er könnte wildern oder gar Wildtiere reißen.

„Nature is a good place to find our naturalness again“