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Aqua Green Spa

My little wellness hotel at the lake

Here, I can go for a nice (and natural) swim

I love spending some me-time when on holiday. Time for myself and my needs. In my Seehotel Sparer this is not possible only inside the house, but also outside. Directly at the lake, on the private lake access. Yes, what should I say: here you can find a true natural paradise and one of the cleanest lakes in Italy! After jumping into the lake (which is possible already in April, by the way) or a tour with the boat, I can get comfortable on one of the reserved sun beds and enjoy the beautiful view of the lake and the green forest… and a cocktail, ice cream, or piece of cake. The delicacies of the garden café are served directly at the lake.

Pssst: if I would like to go to the swimming pool instead, I have access to the outdoor pool next doors. Or I go for a swim in the indoor swimming pool of the Seehotel. Anyway: a wellness holiday at the Monticolo Lake is fun and very varied.

Forest therapy

Here, I can reactivate lost sense …

The forest is a very special host. Every time, it gives me new impressions and we learn to listen to voices, we normally don’t hear. To see things, we normally don’t see. Experience fragrances, we normally don’t notice.

Yoga at the lake

Here, I can start my day at the lake consciously

At the beautiful Monticolo Lake, Melanie and Daniel show me different Asanas (body postures) according to Sivananda Yoga. The different versions are ideal for beginners as well as for experts.

The Five Tibetan Rites

Inhaling to relieve stress

With the five Tibetan rites, a sequence of five exercises supposed to keep body and mind healthy, I learn to relax my body, soul, and spirit in different ways. This allows me to relax while moving and to enjoy my remaining holiday. Together with my host Martina Cologna Pramstrahler it’s even more fun!

„Nature is the best medicine“

Once in a while, I would like to pamper my body and my skin. There, Marianna, the masseuse of the Seehotel, comes into play: thanks to her relaxing and energetic massages, tensions are released, and I can regain new energy and strength. It’s best to ask directly at the reception, which massage is the right one for me…


Here, I can relax

In the small but beautiful wellness area “Seeoase” (LakeOASIS) in my hotel in Eppan, I can enjoy the spa all year round, independently of the weather outside. The temperature of the indoor pool is always nice (31°C), the hot jacuzzi with the gentle massage jets makes me feel warm and comfortable, and I can relax my tense muscles in the small sauna area. Afterwards, I go to the inviting reading lounge or to the vital corner for a snack. Forgetting everyday life and arriving in the present can be so easy and beautiful.

Energietankstelle Aqua Green Spa

A peaceful place – indoor and outdoor spa

Here, nature is the most important source of strength. It allows me to find peace and gives me new energy at the same time.

At Aqua Green Spa, the forest and water are the main players.
And I am in the middle of it.

The beneficial treatments allow me to feel the purity, peace, and consistency of the forest even stronger.

Holiday in balance

My custom-made holiday - and in balance

From April, I can participate in different balance activities three times a week in the morning. The experts at Seehotel Sparer Melanie, Daniel and Barbara, come with me on a walk in the forest or around the lake. Afterwards, I learn to relax with special breathing exercises and experience inner balance through sound meditation and yoga.

Sound meditation and yoga at the lake

I love treating myself well, enjoying the fascinating scenery, and relaxing. Here, I remember how to listen to myself and feel, what my body, my soul, and my spirit need. There is no yoga session with bad weather.

Forest Therapy – Embrace nature

My host from Seehotel Sparer, Martina Cologna Pramstrahler, accompanies me on a sensory journey through nature during forest therapy and shows me, how I can concentrate on the present and reactive my senses. An important experience for my body, soul, and spirit, which grounds you – that I can already tell you… and the calming atmosphere in the forest has a positive effect, too.